Presentation Night

Congratulations to the following club members who received awards at the Presentation Dinner:

John Digance Trophy – Janice Gill

Coaches Awards – David Curtis, Russell Wood and Eithne Mayton

Endurance 1000 – John Gamlen

Awards were also presented for pool events, and Open Water Swimming.

Various State and Club Record Certificates.

Inaugural Service Awards were presented:

10 Years – Shane Starr, Helen Haberfield, Daryl Talbot, Cheryl and Rob Van and Sid Vas

15 Years – John Trower, John Harrison, Brian Robinson, Ben Lewis, Maddi Edgley-Smith, Peter Camp-Smith

20 Years – John Pagett

25 Years – John Gamlen, Len Mayton, Eithne Mayton, Carolyn Fleming, Des Mulqueen, and Jenny Mulqueen

35 Years – Loesje Louch

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